Ambassador Om Prakash Gupta
Indian Foreign Service (1971)

saṃ ghachadhvaṃ saṃ vadadhvaṃ saṃ vo manāṃsi jānatām |

 The Foundation aims at to promote Vedic principles of social equality by birth of all Hindus, that no one is superior or inferior by birth and gender equality, the twin pillars of Hindutva, and to seek equal treatment to Hindus under Indian laws.



Origin of the Word Hindu

People who accept the Vedas as their supreme divine scriptures are globally known as Hindus. Some persons assert that the word Hindu does not appear in any of Hindu religious scriptures, and, that this adjective as a collective identity for people living on the east of the Sindhu river in India was first imposed by the eighth century Arab Muslim invaders. Some writers suggest that the word Hindu is Persian pronunciation of Sindhu as according to them Persians pronounce S as H which Muslim Arab invaders are supposed to have picked up for people living on the east of the river Sindhu. All above assertions are incorrect. The word Hindu has no Persian or Islamic roots. Read More

Ambassador OP Gupta (retd)
National President, Samarasata Foundation

We Hindus are the original inhabitants of Bharat

There was an Aryan Invasion Theory invented and popularised by the East India Company paid experts and Christian missionaries so as to legitimatise British rule over India which postulated that fair skinned Hindus, termed Aryans were not the original inhabitants of Bharat as Aryan people who composed Vedas came to India from the western countries, some say from the Russian steppes, invaded local inhabitants designated as Dravidians by a British Christian missionary Bishop Robert Caldwell in 1875. The idea behind the AIT was that Hindus themselves being immigrants and foreigners in India had no right to ask the British to leave India, both being foreigners, both being immigrants.  Read More

Ambassador OP Gupta (retd)
National President, Samarasata Foundation

Following is the extract from HH Swami Purna's letter to Ambassador OP Gupta

“I presented your research articles to the Dharam sansad held in November 2003. They greatly appreciated and welcomed your thoughts and were delighted that a person like you- in the Foreign Service–understands the meaning and values of the Vedas. There was all round support for your proposals to reform Hinduism and return to our Vedic roots of equality by birth and gender equality. I have been closely working with the Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath who has also given his unconditional support to your efforts”.(February 2004)

HH Prof. Dr. Swami RAG Purna ji
Anand Peethadhiswar
Acharya Mahamandaleshwara
Srimat Paramhamsa Brahmanista Yogiraj

Books written by Ambassador OP Gupta (retd)

Ebook Available 

Ebook Available 

Proposals to Reimburse to Hindu Community

Hindu Temples free from government contros and better salaries to priests & other staff of temples

Reimbursement of expenses incurred by Hindu candidates on preparing for civil services similar to minorities

Reimbursement of interests paid by Hindu students over NMFDC rate

Shadi Shagun amount to Hindu graduate girls also

Proposal to make all pensions income tax exempt

Refund of Interest paid by Hindu businessmen over NMFDC rates

Equal Treatment to Hindu institutions

Settling Ex-ARMY men in border areas to control illegal infiltration, terrorism & narcotics smuggling



There are four vedas namely Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharva veda. Rig Veda is divided into ten chapters (mandalas) and has 10552 richas (also called shlokas or mantras) which were…

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3. Vedas & Hindu Women

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